After reading these announcements, please help us to inform others by any other means you can:

1. The beginning of the academic year 2014-2015 is supposed to be on 29/09/2014 (some change may occur)

2. The newcomers start the induction week on 29/09/2014 and lectures the next week

3. The agenda of the SAINT PAUL CATHOLIC COMMUNITY KIST-KHI contains the following main events:

-The healing prayer on 04/10/2014

-The Opening Mass on 05/10/2014 with Magnificat charismatic seminar(Isenderezwa)

-Newcomers welcome party on 11/10/2014

-The pilgrimage to KIBEHO on 18/10/2014

-The Neuvaine (NOVENI) Nine days praying for the Community elections on 23/10/2014

-Conference with Bishop KIZITO BAHUJIMIHIGO on 25/10/2014

-Elections of the new managing committee on 01/11/2014

-Announcement of the  new committee members on 02/11/2014

-Hand-over on 09/11/2014

Note: The details on the events will be communicated soon


              The secretariate!

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