Lumiere de Jesus KIST-KHI


This is a catholic charismatic renewal group that functions in St Paul Catholic Community KIST-KHI. It dates many years and it is even older than the catholic community itself because it started in 1998 while the community was founded in 2005. When KIST and KHI opened in  1998, a small group of people started to join together and pray. As many of them were charismatics in their respective parishes, they managed to have a common charismatic prayer each week.

They started at 5,7,10,20,30,50. After they realized better to create a known charismatic group, recognizable as a Catholic Charismatic Renewal group in Saint Michael Cathedral Parish. They named it LUMIERE DE JESUS which means LIGHT OF JESUS and they added KIST-KHI because it gathered students from Kigali Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) which is now University of Rwanda College of Science and Technology and Kigali Health Institute (KHI) which is now College of Medicine and Health Sciences. That is where the name LUMIERE DE JESUS KIST-KHI came from.

After seeing that Campus space is not available according to their will, they applied for a place at Kigali Teaching Hospital (known as CHUK) Chapel. They gave themselves appointment every Monday at 5:00 to 7:00pm to meet and pray. They started planning recollections and other activities that could gather many catholic students on the campus. They used to invite some priest for recollections, retreats and the Holy Mass; whereby they created a choir PASTOR BONUS. Soon after they created another choir ECHO DES ANGES that were animating Mass at Saint Michael Cathedral Parish.

They invited the Parish priest to come and celebrate a Sunday Mass on KIST and KHI campuses, a Mass in which the idea of creating a Catholic Community was raised. A transitional Committee was put to study the feasibility of creating the community. It is that committee that elaborated the Community STATUTE that we are following now.

LUMIERE DE JESUS KIST-KHI has had many leaders who are elected each year with at least one renewable mandate. It is always led by a group of 6 persons alltogether called “DISCERNMENT GROUP”. Now this group is made up by:

  • IGIRANEZA Jean Francois Regis (Head known as “Shepherd”)
  • UFITABE Leon
  • NAKURE Didacienne
  • MAHORO Pacifique

The wholecharismatic group is now made up by about 400 charismatic students that attend the Monday prayer at CHUK Chapel and the Friday prayer at 1:00pm at KIST campus, KIST3 Building, Auditorium 1. It has different ministries which are:

  • Ministry of Evangelisation led by BYUKUSENGE Justin
  • Ministry of Liturgy led by TWIZERIMANA Maurice
  • Ministry of Compassion led by BAHATI SAKARAMENTU Joyeuse
  • Ministry of Intercession led by TWAHIRWA J.M.V
  • Ministry of Care led by MURWANASHYAKA Diogene

It is a famous charismatic group in Universities because of its activities that go beyond the borders of KIST and KHI.

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