As the Holy Father, Pope Francis, mentioned nowadays the faith of many Christians is diluted. People believe just to believe; they do not live what they believe. They are believers on Sundays or other church celebrations when they are singing “O Yes Lord I believe”, but the reality proves the opposite.

Why fearing that others know you believe? When someone hides their beliefs and does not want people to know they are believes, it means, there is no Faith but hypocrisy. Your appearance does not reflect your character. When you believe, let people distinguish you from the non believers.. They will be touched by your testimony and they will be saved.

Who is Jesus? A good question before one believes in Him. Jesus asked his disciples: “Who do the crowds say I am?”(Luke 9,18-20). The answer to this question is not unique.  They replied, “Some say John the Baptist; others say Elijah; and still others, that one of the prophets of long ago has come back to life.” People say many things; they do not really know whom Jesus is. This shows the task that was awaiting  the disciples. Which task? Evangelisation. Here Jesus showed them that the world is full of people who do not know Him beginning from their brothers and sisters.

After the disciples noted the world needs evangelisation, Jesus redirects the question like this: “But what about you? This question is straight to them. They were pleased to report what others say but now Jesus gives them a time to think about themselves. Are they really aware of whom Jesus is? In other terms, are they strong enough in Faith to preach others about Jesus? Do they really know the man they have been walking with? It is a challenging question for them and for every one as well. It is a test whose aim is a conclusion.This explains well that Faith is very necessary in order to evangelise others. Believe in Jesus you know, it will help you to let people know Him.You are a christian , Faith in Jesus Christ is the foundation of Christianity.

As it has been remarked in the beginning, Faith is tailed to Actions. When you believe you act accordingly. Believing in Jesus means being supporter of Charity. Accompany him on they way of saving the world. It is not those who say Lord Lord who will go to Heaven but those who practice the gospel. And gospel is love of the nature, love of the humankind, compassion of the miserable. Gospel is charity.

 Pay attention on the sequence above: Faith-Charity-Evangelisation. It is very meaningful. As you note, charity is between Faith and Evangelisation. It means: Faith in action means Charity, Charity to the world means Evangelisation; so better you live what you believe before telling what you believe They will even believe before you recall them because action talks louder than words; charity (CARITAS) is the heart of the community activities. This translates no charity no faith, no evangelisation.

The discussion below explains well the fundamental principle of St Paul Catholic Community. The principle shows the mission of our daily life: PROMOTION OF FAITH, CHARITY AND EVANGELISATION for the greater Glory of God and salvation of man, basically in young people in academic institutions(secondary schools and Higher learning institutions) starting by ourselves.

It is in that context that we plan recollections, retreats, dialogues, seminars and conferences that remind us about our mission every time we tend to fall. Besides, St Michael Parish Cathedral cares much for us in many things, giving us priests when needed for instance.

Pour la plus grande gloire de Dieu et le salut du monde!



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