During the third general meeting of Saint Paul Community KIST-KHI that took place in P001, Muhabura Block this Friday 07/11/2014 four main points were highlighted:

  • Evaluation of the community missionary year 2013-2014
  • Suggestions and recommendations for this year 2014-2015
  • Release of the annual community financial report
  • Creation of the community partnership group

In general, the committee 2013-2014 led by BYEKWASO H.Emmanuel did its best to match the aim they had given themselves: “PROMOTION OF FAITH, CHARITY AND EVANGELISATION FOR THE GREAT GLORY OF GOD AND THE SALVATION OF MAN”.The six commissions(Liturgy, Evangelisation, Tresure, Caritas, Technic&Decoration, Sport&Leisure) presented their reports and comments were made by all the meeting participants.

Many suggestions were about the improvement of what had been done in 2013-2014 and promotion of innovative actions.

An annual financial report was released. It was seen that CC St Paul KIST-KHI is not rich but also not poor because it has members. All person was encouraged to paricipate to a fundrising that is being done for the improvement of community financial status.

As a result of the visit of KHG Kaiserslautern delegation in our Community, a partnership group has been created in order to strengthen the relationship and maintain the communication. All the members of the group were requested to join the group plateform on facebook entitled: PARTNERSHIP KHG KAISERSLAUTERN & COMMUNAUTE CATHOLIQUE SAINT PAUL KIST-KHI. President BYEKWASO revealed another partnership project between our community and St Augustine Catholic Community at Makerere University, Kampala- Uganda which is in process.

This meeting followed two other general meetings that took place on 25/01/2014 and on 02/04/2014 respectinvely. It gathers all the community leaders and  members.



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