COMMUNAUTE CATHOLIQUE SAINT PAUL KIST-KHI is one of the biggest university catholic students and staff communities made up by about 3000 members from College of Science and Technology and College of Medicine and Health Sciences in the University of Rwanda. The colleges are Nyarugenge Campuses.
The community is found hierarchically in Kigali Archdiocese, St Michael Cathedral Parish. It started in 1998 as a charismatic group “LUMIERE DE JESUS KIST-KHI” and later Pastor Bonus Choir was born and finally The Catholic community was founded under the leadership of Fr. Valens TWAGIRUMUKIZA as the parish priest in 2004. The community was dedicated to Saint Paul in 2006 with BUCYIBARUTA Fulgence as the first President.From 2006 to 2014, the community was headed by 5 Presidents that are:
2005-2007: BUCYIBARUTA Fulgence
2007-2009: NGEZAHAYO Diogene
2009-2011: NDIBYARIYE Ildephonse
2011-2013: MBONIGABA Conserve
2013- …: BYEKWASO HIRWA EmmanuelIt contributes to the welbeing of the members spiritually and socially as well according to the three pillars of the community which are: FAITH-CHARITY AND EVANGELISATION.Pour la Gloire de Dieu et le Salut du monde.

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