Saint Paul Catholic Community KIST-KHI has one international partnership with KHG KAISERSLAUTERN in Germany from 2013 and it is proposing another with Saint Agustine Catholic Community at Makerere University, Uganda. Our community is planning to strengthen these international partnerships by promoting common activities such as visits, conferences, debates and other cooperative projects.

The partnership with KHG KAISERSLAUTERN is in advanced level because three times people from Germany came to Rwanda for the partnership purpose. The previous visit consists of a delegation of 15 persons, students and staff from the Kaiseslautern community. See photos at

The delegation was in Rwanda from August 22th, 2014 to September 4th,2014. They visited our community and Rwanda in general. The future plans of this partnership can be found in the report ( of the Partnership meeting held on September 4th, 2014 at Saint Paul in Kigali, Rwanda before they leave for Germany. It is planned that we will visit KHG Kaiseslautern in May, 2016.

The partnership with Saint Augustine Catholic Community in Makerere is in process.

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