Saint Paul Catholic Community cooperates with many other people, either individuals, groups or communities. CC St Paul KIST-KHI is a known community not only in Kigali but also in the whole country because of the friends spread all over the country. The community shares spiritual, intellectual and social life with a number of people in Rwanda.

The community has partnership with St Dominic University Students Catholic Community at HUYE.
This partnership dates long ago but in it is emphasized in 2014 by both sides in order to benefit more from it. On October 18th 2014 a delegation of 47 students and staff visited St Dominic Community. The aim of the visit was introduction and looking which plans of the partnership have to be done and how both parts will bring their contribution. They exchanged about different important things that will be beneficial for both CC St Paul KIST-KHI and CCE (COMMUNAUTE CATHOLIQUE ESTUDIANTINE) UNIVERSITAIRE/HUYE. Next meeting will be held in KIST-KHI in which St Dominic Community will send a delegation.

The community partners with UCCU members.
UCCU is in full “University Catholic Communities Union in Kigali Archdiocese”. The union consists of 16 university catholic communities that are found in Kigali Archdiocese. Some of these communities are: University of Rwanda-College of Business and Economics, College of Education, Rwanda Tourism  University College, Rulindo Health Institute, Mount Kenya University, Adventist University of Central Africa,  Rulindo Institute of Agriculture, Education and Technology, Kigali Independent University, Kicukiro College of Technology and and Tumba College of Technology, Kenya Institute of Management, and so many others.

With purpose of strengthening the usual partnership in 2014, CC St Paul KIST-KHI has visited Kigali Independent University Catholic Community, College of Business and Economics, Kicukiro Collegeof Technology and University of Rwanda College of Education.

The community partners with non student communities: Missionary Fathers, Sister Congregations and Communaute de l’Emmanuel.

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