Partnership group


This is one of the groups within our community. It was created on November 07th, 2014 during the Third General Assembly of our community as a result of the Partnership meeting between KHG KAISERSLAUTERN AND COMMUNAUTE CATHOLIQUE SAINT PAUL KIST-KHI on September 4th, 2014 at Saint Paul in Kigali- Rwanda. See the report of the meeting on

After presenting and explaining the duties and the role of the group in our community, the president B. Emmanuel gave the floor to those who want to join it. All the meeting participants showed the will to join the group and soon they will meet to plan their activities. One of the major tasks of this group is sustainability of the existing partnership of KHG KAISERSLAUTERN, GERMANY AND COMMUNAUTE CATHOLIQUE SAINT PAUL KIST-KHI. They will also look for other partnerships that are possible.

At the beginning about 35 students registered for the group. They were requested to join the Facebook group for the members of this group which is found on Facebook: PARTNERSHIP KHG KAISERSLAUTERN & COMMUNAUTE CATHOLIQUE SAINT PAUL KIST-KHI. This facebook group was created by the Parnership authority to enable both sides to communicate, share and exchange ideas daily on Facebook as one of the current way people are using in communication. This group has now 43 members on Facebook; some from Rwanda others from Germany including rwandan students who study in Germany.

The partnership group in our community will seek for other local and international partnerships which can be possible. This is one of the way the community will have many friends, good friends with whom we will share every thing. We will be visiting each other and we will have more plans. Spiritual, intellectual and social impact on both sides are expected.

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